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About Us

Who We Are

SOMNIOINC is a Digital Creative Agency​ that is known for its precise yet multi-layered use of mixed media. We approach a wide ​variety of subjects in our work without sacrificing the basic philosophy that Form follows Function.

What We Do

We believes first and foremost in the beauty of a simple line. We believe that "subtraction is harder than addition".  In a world of over-saturation and over-stimulation our work, in stark contrast to this, is a welcome and refreshing reminder that there is beauty in that which is simple.

Our Approach

At SOMNIOINC, we emphasize the wonder and beauty in all of those simple things... that often go overlooked, reminds us how much easier is it to see beauty in the extravagant.  SOMNIOINC pushes us further and explores the idea of beauty as a democratic concept- in that it is available to everyone if only you look a little closer.  By framing these every day instances within the context of our work, we encourage the viewer to look at it thru a lens that will open up to a world of new possibility.


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